What is Cumberland Presbyterian?

Born out of the Great Revival of the 1800s, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church has long been an evangelistic force in the Body of Christ. It has always had a rich presence in the history and development of our country. We began out in the frontiers of our young nation preaching repentance, faith, new birth and baptism. In 1814, we drafted our first Confession of Faith. After separating from PCUSA over the theological debate of predestination, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church began to boldly proclaim the "Whosoever Will May Come" Doctrine.

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church was instrumental in such social issues as humane treatment of the American Indian, Abolition of Slavery and Women's Suffrage.

We have a denominational office designated in Birmingham specifically for Cross Cultural Churches. To date, there are Korean, Hispanic, and Sudanese Cumberland Presbyterian Churches being planted throughout the United States. We are providing education, training and ordination to these ethnic groups.

Today, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church still has an evangelistic focus with a strong missionary presence all over the world. No issue is more important to the church than preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. We have missionary roots, and our passion is to make Christ known in all the world!  As you grow in Christ and become a part of New Hope, you will find no shortage of ways to serve our faith family, local community, and the international mission field.  To be a Cumberland Presbyterian is to be relational with others and passionate about Jesus Christ.

For more information, please ask us for a copy of our Confession of Faith.  Also, feel free to visit the Cumberland Presbyterian Denominational Website.