Why Follow Jesus?

With so many religions in the world, how can you know for sure that following Jesus is the right way?  This is such an important question to ask, and there is an answer.  Jesus Christ, and the Christian faith, have survived the times and trace their roots back to the beginning of the world!  We believe there is one, true God who created all that there is, and the crown of His creation was humanity.  God made mankind in His own image, and gave them the charge of caring for the earth.  However, rather than following God and obeying His commands, the world fell into sin after the first people, Adam and Eve, broke God's only rule. 

Sin has infected the world like a deadly virus to which there is no cure we can invent to treat it.  Sin has contaminated the entire earth, and that is why we see evil things happening.  Our fallen world suffers from hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes, and numerous natural disasters as a result of sin.  With sin infecting the hearts of people, we see it lived out in greed, murder, sexual sin, theft, racism, and all types of evil ways.  There is nothing we can do to eliminate sin.  We were doomed to die as a result of it, but God made a way!

Those who believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, we can be saved from sin.  He came and lived a perfect life, and was condemned to die on our behalf.  The wicked generation He lived in the midst of tried to kill him, but Jesus sacrificially laid down His life for all who would believe in Him, past, present, and future.  He gave up His life on the cross, and in doing so He defeated sin and death,  Three days Jesus laid in a tomb, but then He resurrected to life again!  Those who put their faith in Him are forgiven of their sins and have the hope of eternal life with Jesus Christ and God the Father.

These believers make up the Church.  New Hope is member of the Church that spans the entire globe!  Christians gather to worship God, remember the life and death of Jesus Christ, genuinely love and serve one another, and encourage each other to make Jesus known to all the world.

Historically speaking, the evidence to support the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus is well supported.  There are more historical records to prove the life and resurrection of Jesus than most people and events in history that we universally accept.  The facts and evidence are there, but it takes faith in Jesus to be saved.  We encourage you to read the Bible and see how God has been involved and present in the world since the beginning.  He is present with you even as you read this.  We invite you to look to Jesus and believe in Him!  We believe with all of our hearts, minds, souls, and strengths that Jesus is the only way to have freedom from sin, hope for life after death, and to have peace in your heart of knowing God notices you and loves you deeply.

There is not enough time and space on this page to answer all the questions you may have, but we encourage you to visit the site below to explore more about the Christian faith.  Also, if there is anything we here at New Hope can do for you, or any questions we can answer, please feel free to contact us with the information listed at the bottom of the page.  May God bless you and your homes!


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