Sermons & Lessons

On this page, you will find videos of our pastoral team as they deliver Sunday sermons and and weekly lessons.  We try to keep this page updated with the most recent videos, which we also have posted on our YouTube page.  Whether you were out sick and had to miss the service, want a repeat of a message that spoke to you, or want to get a glimpse of the messages being delivered, we invite you to watch these videos.

This message is titled " Power in Grace", and was preached by Rev. Donny Acton, on January 21, 2018.


Are you, “plugged in,” to God?  How close are you willing to get?  Too many Christians want to keep distance between God’s grace and their daily lives.  They live out their faith on Sunday mornings, but they keep the rest of their lives separate.  Christ-followers must immerse themselves in God in order to experience His power and His grace in their lives.  Plug into God, and allow His life, grace and power to surge through you every day.

This message is titled, “Pathway to Grace”, and was preached by Rev. Donny Acton, on February 4, 2018.  


Throughout a person’s life, there are many paths that we can take.  There are wide, crowded paths that lead to destruction, and there are narrow, less-traveled paths that lead to the grace of God.  Have there been times God has prodded your heart to speak to someone, or perform what seemed to be a random act of kindness for someone?  These are opportunities to walk in the grace of God.  Do not miss the pathways to grace!