Bible Reading: Isaiah 33:20-24

Our heart is involved in a constant battle.  Every day we have to make a conscious decision who the king of our life is: God or idols.  In our society, there is no shortage of false gods and idols vying for the throne of our hearts.  Money tries to be our king and dictate our life decisions.  Careers try to control our time and loyalty.  Even our political parties try to judge our stances and viewpoints of our home, nation and world.  We battle to keep our hearts, minds and lives centered on Christ, and some days we fight better than others.  We can get caught up in the stressors of work and finances, and bogged down by the constant back-and-forth of politics and media.  The good news, though, is that our God will save us from it all!

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When we read from Isaiah 33:20-24, we are getting a small glimpse of God's eternal kingdom.  When we look to God's Jerusalem, we see a homeland that is at peace.  We glimpse upon the tabernacle of worship and praise, and it is grounded into our new home that it can never be shaken or moved.  Greater still, the majestic Lord will be for us.  We will no longer have to hope for and await God's presence, peace and protection, because it will be there fully and completely.  There will be no more threats of false-gods and idols trying to steal away our hearts, but only God will be there.  He will have defeated ever enemy that posed a threat to us, and God Himself will take His proper place as our judge, lawgiver and king.  As our Lord and King, God Himself will have saved us from the sinfulness and wickedness of this fallen world, and brought us into His eternal kingdom of peace and salvation.  What a wonderful day that will be!

Application:  It is such a great comfort for us today to think about the peace of the future.  One day, there will be nothing to fear, as God will have wiped out all threats of illness, violence and death.  If there are any tears in God's kingdom, they will be tears of joy and laughter.  If there is any pain, it will be from smiling too big for too long.  As this world works to dethrone Christ in your heart, fight all the more to keep Him there.  Look to His Word and be reminded of the hope you have in Jesus.  Let this hope renew your strength and fill you with excitement and determination.  You are a born-again, redeemed child of God.  He has saved you, and He will save you for Himself in His kingdom.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank you for saving me and taking your place upon the throne of my heart.  Daily I fight to not give that throne over to sin, and I ask for you to keep my eyes set on you.  May I not stray to the right or left, but walk straight in the light of your ways.  Keep me wholly for yourself, and save me from these lies and temptations.  May I walk and live in hope of your peace.  I love you, Father.  Amen.

AuthorLarkin Sumerlin