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Bible Reading: Philippians 1:12-18

In our first post of this series, we focused on the good work God is doing in and through His people.  In all the various stages of life we go through, God has things for His people to be doing.  The works may not be apparent to us, but there is a reason for the places and seasons we find ourselves.  We have Philippians 1:12-18 as an example for how to use your season of life for the glory of God. 

Paul has been thrown into prison, but he tells his brothers and sisters at Philippi not to be concerned.  How could Paul say such a thing?  Because his imprisonment has, “really served to advance the gospel”.  Paul is in chains and not receiving the best treatment at the hands of the guards, but he has made Christ known throughout the entire imperial guard and all his fellow prisoners.  He was arrested for preaching the Gospel, and what is he doing in prison?  Preaching the gospel!  They cannot seem to silence this man who loves Jesus, and God honors the words that Paul speaks.

Paul is not ignorant to the fact that some are trying to prosper in his imprisonment.  They are trying to cash in on the gospel and gain a following and fame from their, “ministry.”  As they seek to outdo Paul, they are selfishly trying to build themselves up.  Where this would greatly annoy anyone of us, Paul is just happy that Christ is being proclaimed.  Regardless of the motives of the minister, if the name of Christ and His Gospel is being proclaimed, then there is reason to rejoice.

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Application: There is a reason for the season of life you are in.  Regardless of whether the season is good or not, the reason is to make Christ known in how you live.  Are you facing trials and struggles?  Proclaim the gospel in it.  Are you a favorable season of peace?  Proclaim the gospel in it.  It is hard to not look at others whose lives may be in a better place than we currently are, but what we learn from this passage is clear: if Jesus Christ is being made known, then we have reason to rejoice.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, I know You are never far away from me.  You walk with me through every season.  You are the Good Shepherd who leads over hills and through valleys all my days.  Regardless of my season of life, help me to proclaim Christ.  May my life reflect Your goodness and love.  I love You, God.  Amen.

AuthorLarkin Sumerlin