Bible Reading: Matthew 13:44-46

J. R. R. Tolkien penned the well-known saying, “Not all those who wander are lost.”  People have used this quote for various reasons over the years, especially after the Lord of the Rings movies were produced.  I do not disagree with Tolkien’s meaning of the quote, but instead choose to direct it into the spiritual realm. 

Hidden treasure.jpg

Spiritually speaking, if your soul is wandering and searching for truth, you are lost and without a firm foundation to stand on.  There is no sense of peace, joy or belonging to one who wanders around seeking life, truth and meaning.  As I read the two parables from our Bible reading, I imagine someone who is wandering around and is searching for something.  The person in the field may be looking for a place to call home, or could possibly be trying to clear their mind and work through a problem they are having.  Whatever the reason for the wandering, this person finds their self in a field, and they unintentionally stumble upon a great treasure.  This treasure is not ordinary, worldly riches, but greater than anything the world has ever seen!  All of the burdens and cares of their heart and mind melt away in the presence of this magnificent treasure.  Its beauty and glory is so great, that they run to sell all that they have in order to buy the field and enjoy this treasure as their own forever.  This wanderer was lost, but now is found.

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In the second parable, I imagine someone struggling with their place in this world.  They feel as if they have fallen behind the rest of the people, and are looking for some kind of spark to give their life meaning and purpose.  All of the things in the market seem ordinary and unfulfilling.  All of a sudden, our wanderer sees a pearl that is greater that appears to be more valuable and precious than anything the person has ever seen.  What is crazy, to my mind, is that nobody else seems to notice this pearl.  They continue to wander past it, and it does not strike them as precious.  But our wanderer is touched by its beauty and majesty, and goes off to sell all worldly possessions in order to obtain this priceless pearl.  Again, we have a lost wanderer who has been found by something greater than this world.

Call to Action: In the beginning of your life, to some degree, you were a spiritual wanderer.  You lived and moved in this world, and you were looking for purpose, fulfillment, peace and joy.  You may have tried to find these things in people, possessions and experiences, but they were lacking.  You may have even added troubles, stress and anxiety because of your wandering, and ended up even less satisfied by this world.  But one day, Christ found you.  Jesus Christ is a priceless, magnificent treasure that would cause all wanderers to have peace and be still.  Christ alone gives your life and existence meaning.  Christ alone can make you truly fill loved and joyful.  It is only in Jesus Christ that your life has a meaningful purpose.  However, He has said that you must sell all you have in order to have the abundant life He offers.  You must surrender your life to this world and serve Him only.  Here are some questions to consider and discuss with your family and friends:

          -  What does it look like for you to “sell everything,” in order to obtain Christ?

·         - Is Jesus Christ worth you selling everything for?

·          - Have you sold it all in order to have Him?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help us to know and understand what it means to sell everything to have the precious treasure of your Son, Jesus Christ.  I pray that you would teach us all how to be Yours, and Yours alone.  Give them the wisdom and strength they need to a person and family of God.  Amen.

AuthorLarkin Sumerlin