Bible Reading: John 1

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Years ago, I saw a skit performed that made me rethink who I was claiming to be.  I called myself a Christian, but this skit challenged my identity.  In the skit, the man was pretending to be Satan, and he was challenging you to complete the sentences he was speaking.  He began a popular song lyric that myself and the crowd easily finished for him.  He challenged us to recite three different phone numbers with the area code and was stunned that we could recall thirty individual numbers so quickly.  Then he offered up a quote that none of us could complete.  He looked at us confused.  What caused his confusion?  Well, the quote was from the Gospel of John, and was a quote from Jesus Christ Himself.  How could an assembly of Christians complete a secular song lyric, recall three different phone numbers, but could not finish a verse spoken by our Savior?

This skit has stuck with me and challenged me to become familiar with the life and words of my Lord.  All believers should desire to grow closer in relationship to Christ.  Our faith, knowledge and love should be growing and maturing day after day.  Your faith in God should look much different than it did at the first.  But I must ask you the question that skit left me asking myself: How much do you really know the Savior of your soul?

When we look at John 1, we get a beautiful, poetic description of who our Savior is and what He came to do.  Jumping through the entire chapter, some of the descriptions given are: the Word, the true light, the only Son from the Father, the One through whom grace and truth come, the Lamb of God, the Son of God, the Messiah, the King of Israel.  In one Gospel chapter, we get a full picture of who Jesus is.  The message is true and worth our full attention: to know Christ and have your life centered on Him, you must learn about Christ and His life.  Where can we learn these things?  Through reading the accounts of the life of Jesus Christ over and over again.

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Call to Action:  It does not take much time to read a chapter of the Bible.  Not many chapters take more than a page and a half.  How would your relationship with Jesus change if you at least one chapter from any of the four Gospels every day, for the rest of your life?  Today, you read John 1.  Tomorrow read John 2, and keep this up until you finish John’s gospel.  Once you’re done, move on to Matthew, and then Mark and Luke.  When you have completed all four, start again!  We know song lyrics, phone numbers, and meaningless trivia because we constantly have it filling up our minds.  Instead of using temporary, worthless things to feed your mind, instead, fill your mind with the Word of God.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, teach us to weigh and measure the value of what we take into our hearts and minds.  Show yourself as the most valuable and incomparable treasure our lives can receive.  I pray that all of us who claim your name would become familiar with who You are and what You did.  May we become so knowledgeable of your life, that our lives begin to reflect yours.  Help us in this we pray.  Amen.

AuthorLarkin Sumerlin