If you want to know more about Cumberland Presbyterian mission opportunities or New Hope missions, please contact
Rev. Larkin Sumerlin.

Describing New Hope Church cannot happen without mentioning MISSIONS. Our Cumberland Presbyterian denominational birth started as a mission to the great-uncharted West when our nation was just beginning to move that direction. Today this is still our desire – to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To learn more about our global missions, visit our national website at: www.cumberland.org/bom. New Hope started some 184 years ago out of a “Brush Arbor” camp meeting. Three men were gloriously saved by God’s grace in those services. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Here we are today with more than 12% of our denomination having non-English languages as their primary, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church is working hard in America as well as in other nations to bring the Gospel to various ethnicities. We have mission churches in Asia, the Pacific Rim, Africa, South America, North America and even in Europe. We are always reaching out to different countries with the Gospel. Our denomination is represented on five continents with Australia and Antarctica the only ones without a CP work.

New Hope is no different. We regularly have members of our church going on work trips and mission trips here in the states as well as around the world. Our youth department endeavors to make a mission trip every other year as is possible.

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New Hope is proud to house the Global Missions and the Cross Cultural Ministries of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church here in our facilities. Reverend Lynn Thomas, a veteran missionary to South America, is director of these mission ministries. Our Cross Cultural Ministry is reaching out to Hispanic, Cuban, Korean, Sudanese, and many other nationalities just in the United States alone. Add to that sixteen nations we presently have missionaries and you can see that New Hope and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church is serious about missions. To learn more about the Global and Cross Cultural Missions aspect of the Cumberland Church visit: www.gmbom.org and www.ccbom.org

New Hope continues to support missionaries on various continents around the world. Also, we regularly go on mission trips to help those in need of God’s love in a practical way. We travel within the boundaries of the United States as well as to various mission fields far beyond our borders.